Sharpening service

Now 25% introductory discount on grinding for new customers! Skilled ✓ Fast ✓ 100% Guarantee ✓ Price from 16, - ✓ Free Shipping ✓ hairdressing scissors reassembled in the mail within one day your hairdressing scissors specialist, is a part of With us your hairdressing scissors are treated with care. It is determined in advance which treatment is required to get your hairdressing scissors in the best possible condition. Specialized in all brands, both Japanese and European hairdressing scissors.   Prices: Polishing your hairdressing scissors 16, - (brushing) Standard hairdressing scissors: 20, - Coupe scissors: 25, - Convex hairdressing scissors: 30, - Japanese hairdressing scissors 30, - Barbier knives 20, - Trimmer blades set 12, - Prices do not include b.t.   If you want to send your hairdressing scissors yourself with your own envelope or box, you can do so after the following address: Schaarslijpen Answer number 316 3300VB Dordrecht
The Netherlands    Payment afterwards with invoice Hairdressing scissors gladly stick with an elastic band or adhesive tape. Preferably in kitchen paper or toilet paper wrapping, and then tape. This is not to unnecessarily damage the scissors and the envelope during shipping. Thanks in advance.   Skilled ✓ Fast ✓ 100% Guarantee ✓ Price from 16, - ✓ Free Shipping ✓ , Tel +31786311378 , Mobiel 0655920045